Pomegranate (अनार) 1kg

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Protects us from free radicals. It thins your blood. Prevention of atherosclerosis. It acts like an oxygen mask. It prevents arthritis. Fights erectile dysfunction. Fights heart disease and prostate cancer. Pomegranate is loaded with beneficial nutrients.

Nutrition Value:
Amount per 100 gram-:Calories 83, Total Fat 1.2 g, Sodium 3 mg ,Potassium 236 mg, Vitamin C 17%,Vitamin B-6 5%, Magnisium-3%, Iron – Calcium 1%.


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Pomegranate, Punica granatum, is a deciduous or evergreen tree or shrub in the family Punicaceae grown for its edible fruits. The pomegranate tree is branched and spiny with glossy, leathery, oval to oblong leaves that grow in whorls of five or more on the branches.


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