Kachari, Small Melon (काचरी) 500g

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It has a triple benefit of being a coolant, tonic & stimulant. Regular use of kachri Powder may help to cure minor skin diseases like boils, bed sores, lice, manifestation, prickly heat, itching, earache, etc.

  • Kachri has beneficial properties in the treatment of skin conditions like itching, prickly heat, boils, bed sores.
  • It also helps to relieve earaches.



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Kachri is a wild variety of cucumbers. Fresh kachri resembles a brown yellow small melon, which grows wildly in the desert areas and is seldom cultivated as a crop. Dried kachri powder, when used in cooking, adds a tangy taste. Since fresh kachri is rarely available outside Rajasthan, the use of kachri powder is popular. It is the real earth food growing wild, and becoming a protein rich vegetable for people living in the harsh arid areas of Western India, where it is hard to grow conventional vegetables. Kachri powder is used extensively in Rajasthani cuisine.

Kachri is a wild variety of cucumis and is found in Bengal, Punjab, parts of Maharashtra, the North Western Provinces, and the Sind area (now in Pakistan). It is used in its wild form and is seldom cultivated as a crop.


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