Cluster Beans (ग्वार की फली) 500g

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Cluster beans are good for diabetics as they have the highest fibre content among all vegetables which in turn prevents a rapid rise in blood sugar levels after a meal. Cluster beans are one of the best source of protein especially during pregnancy. Together with masoor dal is the best combination for pregnant women to have, for example, Gavar aur Masoor Dal. 3. The younger beans are cooked and enjoyed as food. Cluster Beans (Gawar) are good at decreasing blood sugar levels and cholestrol levels.

Nutritional value
1. Very rich in dietary fiber, cluster bean offers heart health benefits. It also helps in maintaining a well digestive system.
2. It also contains Vitamin C that makes bones and teeth stronger.
3. The amount of folic acid content is essential for pregnant women.


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Cluster bean is an annual legume. These beans are the smaller and flatter relative of the regular green beans. Cluster beans are very common in India, especially in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Cluster beans remain fresh for at least four days when refrigerated. Wrapping them in plastic will trap the moisture that will hasten spoilage. Broad beans can be used in simple vegetables dish in combination with potatoes and also in fried rice, salads and risotto.


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