Who We Are

Agriculture enthusiasts in the journey to make healthy food easily accessible

Healthy Food Healthy Future

Tikkly has wide variety of fruits and vegetables which are directly procured from farms. Resolving supply chain problems to make the healthy and fresh farm produces easily accessible to you. We are a team of passionate engineers having strong interest towards agriculture and will to offer innovative solutions to all the stakeholders.

55+ Farmers Connected

We have over 55+ farmers connected across the country till now, the number is growing rapdly to bring them in front foot.

25+ restaurants

Jaipur's premium and most health centered cafes and restaurants are getting served by us on daily basis.

1 Day Delivery

We have one day delivery process to provide you the food that is directly coming from farms which means freshest and healthiest.

1000+ People Reached

We have reached more than 1000 people in Jaipur till now and the number is increasing very aggresively.

About Store

You will find almost any vegetable or fruits here on Tikkly Store as it has rich varieties available on it, Intresting part is that you will get to know so many benefits of the food that you are going to eat or you eat on daily basis. There are so many recepies available that you can download and learn to cook so many tasty dishes. You will experience seamless buying  here to get you favorite farm produce delivered at the doorstep directly from farms.

Start Your Tikkly journey

Here you will get to know all about fruits and vegetables that you eat on dalily basis